"Gonna Get a Little Unruly. Get It Fired Up in a Hurry. Wanna Get Dirrty."

Background: We went to the famous Kayabuki Izakaya in Utsunomiya, Japan in February 2009. We had the distinct honor of witnessing the resident Japanese Macaque Fuku-chan perform his show. One of the segments of his performance included a "Sexy Show". This was basically triggered by a red light and sexy music. He then proceeded to grab his crotch while looking disinterested. Very entertaining.

Concept: Pedro, the Merch section mascot, suggested that I submit some sexy Fuku-chan illustrations for the Dirty Show. I thought it was a great idea so I went ahead and started working on it. I wanted to catch Fuku-chan from different angles. I submitted 3 watercolor and ink pieces. The first one was accepted and will be on display February 12 - 20th, 2010. I will add the image once the show is over. So enjoy the other 2 submissions until then.

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